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Birth Control Specialists

East Bay Women's Health

OB-GYNs located in Oakland, CA

Birth control options are vast and knowing which one option is right for someone can be confusing. The physicians at East Bay Women’s Health offers patients in Oakland and Alameda, California, and the surrounding areas, the latest in birth control options, including in-office permanent contraception using the Essure procedure.

Birth Control Q & A

What types of birth control are available?

Birth control is any method used in the prevention of pregnancy. The options for birth control are wide and vast. Choosing which type of birth control will work best for someone will come down to personal discretion between them and their partner. Common methods of birth control can include condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, vasectomy, and tubal ligation.

How effective is birth control?

The effectiveness of each birth control method can come down to how well a birth control method works in typical use including human error. For instance, a hormonal contraceptive, such as "the pill", when taken correctly, is up to 99.9 percent effective. To make an informed choice, both partners need to understand how to use the method correctly and consistently. Some things to consider, or questions to ask, when deciding on a form of birth control include:

  • How fail-proof do you need your protection plan to be?
  • Does the cost matter?
  • How important is your privacy?
  • Do you have a regular partner whose needs you care about?
  • Do you need to protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
  • How much effort do you want to make to prevent a pregnancy?
  • If you're a woman, does it matter if your period is affected?
  • Will you want to have a child at some point?

What is in-office permanent contraception?

East Bay Women’s Health is proud to offer in-office permanent contraception using the Essure procedure. Essure has been a trusted method of permanent birth control by thousands of women and their doctors for over five years. Essure works with the body and creates a natural barrier against pregnancy. Doctors will place two metal, fiber micro-coil inserts into each fallopian tube. After about three months, scar tissue develops around the inserts and blocks the fallopian tubes, preventing pregnancy. Some of the benefits of Essure include:

  • Performed in a doctor's office in less than 10 minutes.
  • Essure is covered by most insurance providers
  • No surgery, burning, or anesthesia
  • No hormones
  • No slowing down to recover
  • 99.74 percent effective with zero pregnancies

Because the Essure procedure is permanent and is not reversible, the patient needs to make sure they do not want children in the future before undergoing the procedure.

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